Why Sere ( Hengjie )?

SERE is the industry's leading GMP certified manufacturer of herbal extracts, API and other natural ingredients. Our commitment to our customers is to provide reliable, high quality products supported by our superior customer service and competitive pricing.

SERE knows that the ingredients you choose to put into your products are a reflection upon your standards of quality and excellence. We guarantee our customers consistent efficacy and efficiency through fast delivery, large inventory of products, 100% traceability, complete regulatory documentation, and uncompromised service and support.

Our People

Our greatest asset is our people. Over eight hundred dedicated, highly motivated employees around the world make up the SERE team. Our continuous growth and strong foundation is a direct reflection of our employee's diligence, pride, and enthusiasm.


SERE commits itself beyond the products and services by upholding ethical values in relationships with customers, employees and partners as well as the way we respect our planet. The core of our sustainability strategy creates value through social, economic, and environmental means.


Reliability is linked to every aspect of our business, from sourcing and regulatory, to technical services, sales logistics, and accounting. Our proactive approach allows our customers to achieve the trust needed with a supplier and deliver dependable customer service. Our technical and regulatory support teams are always available to offer technical product knowledge and regulatory guidelines to bring you a fully compliant product. Our experienced sales and customer service teams, offer timely and knowledgeable responses that help our customers get the competitive edge needed. Lastly, our logistics team is specially designed to deliver dependable product supply. We aim to significantly reduce any supply chain interruptions since we know how impactful such disturbances are on our customer's production efficiencies and profitability.


Traceability is your assurance that the products SERE delivers are reliable and sustainable. Ultimately designed to improve product confidence, we have established programs that consists of an identification verification program and a program with tracking procedures that control and verify product characteristics at every stage of the manufacturing process, from arrival of raw materials through to storage, production, warehousing, and sales. Our advanced material management system allows us to precisely trace all products within the supply chain.

Mission Statement

SERE was founded on the simple principle of providing the highest quality products backed by superior customer service and competitive pricing. We are committed to offering our customers peace of mind through stringent quality control, perpetual inventory and complete regulatory documentation of all our products. We strive to develop new products in partnership with our clients and introduce more companies to the benefits of working with a large-capacity GMP certified supplier.